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2023 El Salvador Torogoz Nat. Bird

2023 El Salvador Torogoz Nat. Bird

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🎓 Congratulations on your graduation! As you mark this significant milestone in your life, we invite you to embrace your Salvadoran heritage with our El Salvador Graduation Stole. This stunning stole features the iconic national bird of El Salvador, the "Torogoz," beautifully embroidered. It's a symbol of your roots and your bright future.

Product Details:

Torogoz Embroidery:

  • The stole is adorned with a detailed and vibrant embroidery of the "Torogoz," El Salvador's national bird.
  • This bird, with its striking colors and distinctive appearance, is a cherished symbol of Salvadoran culture.

Stole Design Options:

  1. Flag of El Salvador Option:

    • One design option showcases the flag of El Salvador, featuring the blue and white stripes and the prominent coat of arms.
    • This option allows you to proudly display the flag of your home country during your graduation ceremony.
  2. El Salvador Coat of Arms Option:

    • The second design option features the intricate El Salvador coat of arms, with its detailed imagery and symbolism.
    • This option is perfect for those who want to represent their Salvadoran heritage with the national emblem. 
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