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The Girasol Collection

2023 Puerto Rico/Mexico Graduation Stole

2023 Puerto Rico/Mexico Graduation Stole

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🎓 Your graduation is a remarkable occasion where you celebrate not one, but two rich and vibrant heritages. Embrace your Mexican and Puerto Rican roots with our Mexico & Puerto Rico Fusion Graduation Stole. This unique stole symbolizes the fusion of two cultures and your journey to academic success.

Product Details:

Mexican Flag-Inspired Design:

  • One side of the stole mirrors the dynamic and iconic Mexican flag, with its green, white, and red stripes.
  • This side honors your Mexican heritage and the land that holds a piece of your heart.

Puerto Rican Flag with Frog:

  • The other side is inspired by the Puerto Rican flag, featuring the blue and white stripes along with the Puerto Rican frog, the "Coquí."
  • The Coquí, with its distinctive sound, is a symbol of Puerto Rican identity and culture.
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